Life in Carmel

Here the sisters gather daily, as they move from work to prayer; Where the Holy Spirit breathing, Guidance for the humble wayfare.

Here the voice of pray'r ascending, From the dawn till far in night; Pleading for the needs of God's children, Praise ascending to Triune Light.
Baking altar breads, work of love, A sweet task here begun; Sisters form the host - a manger, To receive the Divine Son.

Help your children here who labor, To be pure in mind and heart; Like the hosts all white and glimmering, To their work Thy love impart.
Though financial duties press us, still this is a "House of prayer"; Where your treasure, there your heart is too, Adoring Jesus hidden here.

When the book of life is balanced, On the final judgment day; All the "red" that makes us blush for shame, Divine hands will wipe away.
Jesus! Mary! silent Joseph! Kindly deign to enter here; Blessed the hands that for the altar, Constant toil in love and fear

That each day and sacred duty, Being fulfiilled for His dear love; May be forming crowns of glory, To reward such toil above.
Enter here, oh, dearest Father! Let thy smile beam on each one, Who in humble, patient labor, And in silence serves thy Son

Tell them thine own life was toilsome, Marked with pain and suffering here; Such the lot of all the chosen, Let this thought their bosoms cheer.
Life in Carmel is not all prayer, Mary is our model here; As she lived her life with Jesus, Toil and labor was so dear.

The sisters bear the burden of labor, Cooking, sewing, working in the garden; Whatever the task at hand may be; Grace is won for all God's children.
Mary, Joseph bless our efforts, Here in books to search God's light - Contemplate God's law within our hearts, Praying thus both day and night.

With your Jesus, keep us simple, God reveals great truth to like; Till one day our names are written, Close to yours in the "Book of Life."
To sustain your Son all precious, You and Joseph labored long; Let us share with busy fingers, While we sing Him a - song of love.

If it's knitting or our sewing, All our hearts are raised above; Though these gifts are meant for others, They're for Jesus - gifts of love.
Dearest Jesus and with Mary, Thy dear presence here we claim; Where thy chilren daily gather, Life sustaining in His name.

Teach us ev'ry lowly action, Through His grace to sanctify; For our profit, for His glory, All our thoughts to raise on high.
Peerless Mother! more than beauteous, From thy chaste, seraphic heart; Charity, and joy and fervor, To thy children here impart.

May it be our aim and pleasure, As we meet day after day; With kind words to cheer each other, On perfection's toilsome way.
The sister's daily life of prayer, Ascends like incense to the throne; If it be in Choir adoring, Or in the garden with Him alone.

How blest are those in Carmel, To give all to Christ their love; Our Mother Church rich in blessings, Flowing from earth to heaven above.
Carmel is all apostolic, Prayer is service of the Church; Extern Sister models the life of Christ, Serving Himself to all His people.

Sister serves the needs of the nuns, Is available to those who visit; Shares the joy of all our faithful friends, Giving hope to all in sorrow.
Jesus came the Paschal Victim, Life renewed for ransomed souls; Now He calls us all to follow Him, Sharing in His Father's goal.

As we live our life of service, Let us run the way of love; Mother and the holy daughters, All united in the Beloved.