Carmelite Monastery of Salt Lake

Our two dear living foundresses,
(l-r) Sisters Margaret Mary of the Sacred Heart and Maureen of the Trinity
Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Monastery was founded on December 8, 1952. A group of Carmelite Sisters left the monastery of Carmel of Saint Teresa in Alhambra California in order to bring the Carmelite life and Apostolate to Salt Lake City, Utah. Just about three years previously the Trappist Monks founded in Huntsville, Utah.

At this time Utah was considered to be a spiritual desert and the Catholic population was very much a minority. This is why the contemplative communities were invited to the Diocese of Salt Lake City.

At the first the Sisters lived on East Second South in the heart of the city, but after four years they were able to relocate to a large house on Holladay Boulevard. Only after some twenty years did they start building the present monastery.

Carmelite Monastery - it stands there as a Tree of Life, humbly yet proudly, poor yet magnificent, hidden yet powerful. Quietly it stands there, enhancing the beauty of the greater Salt Lake valley. Uninhibited by enclosure walls, profoundly, it stands there in the heart of the Church, sending the message of love and prayers to the whole world. Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, it stands there as an image of God himself. Mostly hidden, Carmel continues its apostolate and mission of prayer in the Church.