Altar Bread by the Carmelite Nuns

"Give success to the work of our hands, O Lord, give success to the work of our hands."

(Psalm 90)
In 1952 Bishop Hunt invited our Carmelite Community to come to Salt Lake City, Utah for he knew his diocese had need of the benefits that flow from the Contemplative Life of prayer. Our Carmel is committed to praying especially for the Church; and our Utah priests have first place in our hearts. After we arrived, Bishop Hunt assured us that the parishes would help us in many ways and one was by purchasing the altar breads for their churches from our Carmel.

The altar breads are baked prayerfully by the Carmelite Nuns who are dedicated to serving God and providing His Church with quality altar breads. Our community is committed to baking bread in the canonically prescribed tradition, using only pure water and flour.

May we please ask you to consider purchasing the supply for your church from our Community? We would be very grateful if you would be able to help us in this way.


People's wafers:
1 1/3": $20.00 (per 1000)
Priests' hosts:
2 3/4": $7.50 (per 50)
5 3/4": $7.50 (per 10)


People's wafers:
1 1/3": $20.00 (per 1000)
Priests' hosts:
2 3/4": $7.50(per 50)
5 3/4": $7.50(per 10)

We are very blessed to be able to serve you and to provide our priests with the altar breads destined to become the Body of Christ in the Eucharist. Please be assured that you and all the needs of the Church hold first place in our life of prayer.

May God reward you for supporting the contemplative life!